How to Seduce a Writer

Writers, in general, tend to live inside their heads most of the time. Thus, losing their sense of reality due to constant world-making, and imagining situations to make the story they are making more interesting. Long story short—they’re clueless! So, what are the odds a writer may fall for someone? Apparently, zero. So, if you (yes, you, the one reading this now) want to attract a writer, here are the ways you can seduce a writer:


– Let me reiterate what I just said. Writers are clueless. And if they are not, they’re eyes are wide open and they use whatever you’re doing for their story and not take you seriously. This contradicts to the ‘make it obvious’ scenario. So, if you end up meeting a writer whose eyes are wide open, chances are, you are just an object to their story. No worries, though. It’s nothing personal. But if they are clueless as hell, here’s what you can do. Buy a red letter with a red envelope as well and write, “You are cordially invited to a seduction. Please wear your best and naughtiest attire. I will serve red wine on the side with chocolate-covered strawberries. We will have a long night of deep, intellectual and sensual conversations to start with.” Well, something like that should do. I’ve got to give credit to Neil Gaiman for that idea. He said so himself. If, by chance, the writer you are falling for RSVP-ed to the invite, well, let the party begin.


– Places such as cafés, restaurants, museums, libraries, parks, movies and theatres should ought to tickle their fancy (don’t ever think of the double entendre). These places could help them to think about the next scene they could come up with. And who knows, they will use you as the love interest or the main character of their work. Of course, they would love it if the tabs on you. Some writers are poor as well, unless they’re Stephen King or J. K. Rowling.

3. SAY A VERSE OF ANY POEM OR LINE IN ANY BOOK THEM- Writers read a lot and know much any poem or novel with compelling lines or verses. So, memorize a Shakespeare verse or any line in any novel, and they’re yours to keep. Hearing them are music to their ears.

4. GIVE THEM A BOOK-RELATED PRESENT- Bookmarks, fountain or calligraphy pen, felted paper, notepads are the possible gifts you could give to the writers you are in love with. However, they’ll love it even more if you give them a Harry Potter merchandise or a book from their favourite author. Trust me, writers love the cedar-scent of a book. They’ll love you to the moon and back if you even get them to see their favourite author in person.

So, there you have it! These are the suggestions I can give you with seducing a writer. I wish you good luck in capturing the writer’s heart. Because, I swear, you’re going to need an army or the force for that writer to see your effort. Good luck!

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Korean Way

Everyone around the world knows Valentine’s Day is in February 14. The demand for flowers and chocolates are going to skyrocket. Restaurants, bars and, even, hotels are packed with lovers. Retail shops are doing a Valentine’s day promo as an opportunity to raise sales (as usual). And it is also one of the coldest days in the month, considering February as the coldest month of the year. However, Koreans celebrate Valentine’s day in a different way.

Here’s what makes Korean differ from the usual way of celebrating this hallmark holiday. Korea celebrate this holiday called White Day, which is in March 14. And later, they celebrate Black day on April 14. But I’ll discuss the purpose of these two holidays later. In Valentine’s Day, women give gifts to men (usually something sweet, like chocolates). The men who received the women’s gift are expected to return the favour by giving the women a gift as well. This is the purpose of White Day. But in Korea, if a person receives nothing on either of the days mentioned above, that is when they will celebrate Black Day. They celebrate Black Day wearing black clothes, eating black bean noodles or any black-coloured food, and lamenting about not being able to receive a gift on any of those days or not being able to have someone in general.

What I find unique in this holiday is how Koreans celebrate love this season. Not only they give importance to the lovers, but also to the singles as well. I think I find it interesting to celebrate Valentine’s day this way for singles in every reason possible. We keep on celebrating being in love that we often forget those who would rather date themselves on Valentine’s day. Love is not just for lovers, it’s for everyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, and age.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. And I would like you all to be my Valentine for this season!

Source: Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Korean Way

Coming Clean: What have I been up to lately?

empty road

Forgive me for not posting for quite a while. Something came up, and I must say, it was a big deal for me. The last time I wrote about my thoughts was 5 months ago. The article was about moving on. Little did I know, something was not right for me, making me worse to the point of obliteration.

I pushed myself too hard trying to get myself published. In the end, I failed miserably. I obliterated like a grenade because of being envious. I got greedy. That greed frustrated me a lot, and so, I broke down in tears.

But that unlikeness of me didn’t stop there. For the past few weeks, I started to feel irritable, anxious and angry with everything around me. I was furious without any reason at all. I got angry so much that I brought it with me to work. It affected my performance and how everyone thought of me. That was when I could definitely tell that something was wrong with me. I thought I don’t need help because I knew it will fade away. I guess I made it worse by ignoring it.

I told my parents I need to go to the clinic and talk to our family doctor for stress level test. They allowed me to go and so, I went there. I talked to my family doctor, letting her know about what I was going through. It came to her conclusion that I have to be sent to the hospital. The thought scared me, but I still took it because I might find my answers. I was sent to the hospital and a physician talked to me about what I was going through. I knew for a fact that my parents could be looking for me, but I decided to hide the fact that I went there immediately. I didn’t want them to worry.

When I got home, I forgot to throw the medical band that was wrapped around me. My sister saw it and she coaxed me into telling the truth about where I had been. I told her the truth, along with my family around me, breaking down again in the process.

I was referred to a psychiatrist into digging deeper about my condition [the physician referred her to me because he couldn’t trigger what was happening to me]. The session was boring at first until she tapped on the most sensitive part of myself ― my childhood. After that long Q & A, she diagnosed me with moderate depression. She told me that I should do counseling before it gets worse and take some anti-depressants in case the illness occurs again. This took a toll on me. Up until now, I was never able to go and see my family doctor because I was busy with work.

So there you have it: I am most likely mentally ill, or should I say, I am mentally ill.  But at some point, I know that this won’t stop me from being who I want to be. If you want to know how I turned out to be like this, then I need to trust you enough to know about me and talk to you personally about it. The story behind my outcome is way longer then what I am writing now.

The reason why I want to come clean was because I am sick and tired of faking it. I am tired of people constantly asking me how I have been doing lately. And I am tired of saying that I am all right, even if I am not, as if I just took it from a script. I find it hard to open up because I barely know anyone who I can trust.

Depression and mental illness, in general, are real. Don’t ever think that it is just someone’s way of getting some attention. And, please, don’t even try, laugh and mock about it. If it weren’t for my family and for the people who cared for me, I would’ve taken my life by now. To whoever reading this, think about others who are taking the same path like I do and save him/her from his/her demise.

What is the REAL meaning of Moving On?


These past couple of days, I was watching this drama about these two characters who used to be lovers. The guy was rich and the girl was poor. They were passionately in love with each other, but both of their families were against the relationship. Even if they tried fighting for their love against all odds, in the end [or should I say, sub-plot of the story], they ended their relationship pretty badly because both of their families were in bad terms. Years passed, and they met again. The girl thought that she moved on; her success was her proof. The guy, on the other hand, lost everything he used to have. But despite that, he learned to appreciate the small things, and he too, also moved on. On the moment that they saw each other after a long time, longing and pain were written in their eyes. Their hardened faces were obviously showing. And worse, the tables had been turned. Unknown to them, they really haven’t moved on from each other. The question from this scenario is: will there ever be a way for them to come back in each other’s arms without the past hurting them?

This scenario gets me thinking. What is the real meaning of moving on? Is it the part of a person’s life where you just move forward and never look back? Is it the part where you just avoid the subject because it doesn’t even matter? Or is it the part on where you can look back, smile on the pain, and walk away because it happened?

In my opinion, Moving On means that even after a long time of seeing the person, regardless of how much pain that person put you through, the pain is still there yet it is not the kind of pain that bothers you. Moving On doesn’t mean ‘go to hell’, or ‘Thank God, you’re out of my life, and I will never get to see you again.’ It means ‘Thank you for making me stronger’, or ‘I wish you all the best.’ You can say these words to the person who put the hell on you without being bitter with whatever happened.

So, how do we even know that we finally moved on? It’s simple, yet elusive: we find our peace as you reflect on our life. Why did I say that it was elusive? I say it because in order to move on, we need the time to do so without living in the past. Rafiki from the Lion King once said, “The past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it.” It sounds cliché, but it is true. The more that we learn from our past; the more that it makes us wise. And once that we are wise, we know better on what to do. This is not to be bitter about it, but to make sure that we will never make the same mistake ever again. But let’s not be too hard on ourselves. We’re only human.

Politeness and Chivalry: Where are they now?

I have been working in a food service industry for quite a while, and I notice something erratic. This is so erratic that it will punch the daylights out of me.
I notice how people can be very rude. And when the act is thrown on them, they are the ones being angry about it. They get so angry that they point their finger on you telling how rude you are to them, well in fact, they started it. I wonder why this cycle never end.
The same goes outside the food service industry as well. Some people no longer open the door for anyone behind them. Some people no longer offer assistance to those who need it. And worse, some people don’t say things the nicest way. Some people say please and thank you, but in a rude way. Some people don’t even say excuse me when they bump onto someone. And it puzzles me that almost everyone does this quite often. I wonder, “When did it kill to be nice?” Or “Where did the politeness go?” The questions goes on and on.
For all I know, respect and courtesy starts at home. I don’t want to prejudice some parents, but I wonder if something went wrong with how they raised their children. But then again, it must have something to do with their children themselves along with their environment. This plummets the chivalry and the politeness downhill as we grow older.
So, the main point here is: where did all of the politeness and chivalry go? Why are we no longer show courtesy to other people? Is it because we don’t know them and think that they aren’t worthy enough to receive such respect? Is it because we are entitled to be in the pedestal of luxury? Or that we, ladies, mistaken chivalrous act for flirting?
To be honest, I can’t really answer that. I mean, we are quite the same. We’re just a bunch of people  of different colours, ethnicities and beliefs. We are not, I repeat the not part, entitled to be in the pedestal all because we are customers or a person in need. Kindness is not the death of everyone and I can prove that by people giving more than what you want. For example, you end up having a free coffee all because you are being nice to them. It’s a great trade, right? But there’s a catch:  Don’t expect this treatment all the time because it  makes you look greedy, even if all you did is being nice. Like I said, we are not entitled to anything grandiose all because we are being served.
Showing chivalry and politeness is, indeed difficult at some point. And sometimes, you don’t know where to start. But I can think of so many ways to at least bring it back, little by little. Open the door wide enough if you think that someone’s behind you. Say please and thank you nicely when somebody is doing you a favour. Give your seat to someone you think need it the most. Say excuse me whey you end up bumping onto someone. The list can go on and on.
Don’t ever think that you are being sexist in doing these acts of kindness. Whether you’re male or female, showing courtesy is something that we all have to do in order to get along well. Don’t think of it as a male’s job. Think of it as a random act of kindness. With kindness, there’s so much in store for you.

The Dilemma about Relationships

In our relationship with people, or should I go with our significant other, having a fight with them is normal. However, some fights often leads to our demise to maintain a relationship. Why does this happen? It’s simple, because we fear of something.

Both the men and women are afraid of something. Men are afraid of failures. Women are afraid of disappointments. Sometimes, it’s the other way around or both. But, both are more likely to end up being hopeless in conquering that fear.

If men and women know how to lower their expectations, acknowledge their flaws, and compromise, then probably they can get along, right? Probably… I can’t really tell.

But what is in the way? Pride and ego are. Pride and ego are always in the way with anything. It’s always in the way when two people, regardless if they’re in a relationship or not, are in a time of conflict. This is because we want to make sure that we get the upper hand.

Swallowing of someone’s pride to either party is like raising a white flag. And a raised white flag means that they surrender. And once they surrender, they feel defeated. The other party will end up thinking that they won, having the entitlement. This has always been the case.

It makes me wonder why this scenario always happens. But I can’t pretend I am perfect enough for this because I do this myself. The stakes to raise the white flag is high, but the chances of a good camaraderie are sublime.

We admit of wanting the upper hand and wanting it so much leads us to that disappointment or failure. But sometimes, we have to set our strife in being right to the side and keep that relationship alive.

There is no use of raising our voices to make our point. We can calmly talk about our point and making sure that we end up in compromise phase. Holding a grudge is out of the question. Sometimes, forgive and forget can be done, too. Also, there is no use of bringing up past mistakes. It will disrupt everything.

So if you and your significant other or love ones are fighting, keep in mind to compromise afterwards. Making up is the best part of being in a relationship with others.


Waterton – US Border

2014-07-14 15.37.01

It’s July the 14th of this year and it’s my Day-Off from work. Finally, I’ve done something productive for that day. My family and I decided to go to Waterton, Alberta to see the US border which is located in Montana. Ever since we got here in Canada, it is one of our goals to see the border.

We took a three-hour drive and I must say, I feel very dreadful staying in the car with nothing to do. So I decided to sleep throughout the whole travel. My family, on the other hand, took pictures of whatever they may find along the road. As for me, well, I find it boring to take pictures of whatever it is on the road.

After the dreadful drive, we stopped by at the Waterton Hotel. I love the cottage-y (Is that even a word? Ha Ha) and the vintage-y feel of the place. The place is so cozy and is good for staying in for hiking trips. It has a very majestic view of the lake and mountains surrounding it. We stopped by because we’re all starving. Especially my sisters and my father. As for me and my mom, we only have to gain a little bit more energy because the travel itself suck the energy out of me.

We are at the Windsor Lounge, which is the Lounge Bar of the hotel. I ordered Grilled Bisonand Mash. It is a dish made of grilled bison sausage, mash potato with a mustard demi. The food is great! the mash potato is as soft and velvety as I want it to be. the sausage is superb. And the demi glace compliments the whole dish. After our main course, we ordered some desserts: The Maple White Chocolate Creme Brulee, which is a custard and sugar coating topped with candied walnuts and toasted walnut biscotti; and Saskatoon Barry Strudel, which is a berry blend wrapped in a flaky dough garnished with creme anglaise and sponge toffee.

Unfortunately, the service is quite slow. And that is how we got the desserts: Complimentary offer.

After eating our scrumptious desserts, we took off and head to the US Border.

The experience is worthy of my time. I get to be in touch with nature again and the feeling is AWESOME! I hope to come back again. And this time, I’ll go and explore some more. In case you’re wondering why I didn’t take pictures of myself with the place, that’s only because I don’t feel like taking pictures despite the breathtaking view. I aim for the experience and the ‘feels’ of being there, not for the pictures and ‘selfies.’ To me, this is what being a traveller is all about… The Experience.